Cycle Training – 4th Class

Cycle Training – 4th Class – December 2014

Some Comments

In our cycle safety course we learn more about safety. I love it because you can ride a bike instead of school. I like our teacher in cycling ‘his name is Noel – ‘he is real funny and I’m loving it .


The cycling course has been very fun and helpful for all the class. Noel (the cycling instructor) is very kind and understands that everyone can make mistakes. It can be very dangerous to go cycling and Noel has taught us how to keep safe while cycling on the roads.

The three most important things to remember is to check your clothes, bike and make sure your wearing your helmet. When you check your clothes make sure you’re not wearing anything that will get caught in your bike. When you check your bike, make sure you check your bike starting at the front to make your way to the back, when you check your helmet make sure it’s not too loose or too tight for your head, and check that you’ve secured your strap. I hope you enjoyed my short story!


On the first day we learnt how to check are bike. You start at the top and you work your way back. We also learnt how to turn corners safely. First you look and then you put out your hand so the car knows where you’re going. You should always wear a helmet cycling.


So far we’ve had two lessons. I brought my bike today. Noel, are instructor, fixed my bike he taught us about the life saving look, helmet check, bike check and clothes check. We have four weeks left of cycle training.


It is provided by the cycle safety school. There are 3 checks to do before you use your bike . They are the helmet, the bike and the clothes check. The bike . The man is called Noel, he helps us to cycle safely. The class lasts for one hour. It costs €12 for 6 weeks and is held during school hours. . You bring your own bike to school if you have one.


The man who runs it is Noel. He is very nice. We learnt how to indicate on a bike, we learnt how to use the brakes properly and we did precision and emergency stops. Before we did the training Noel came into to the class to tell us what we were going to do and taught us the rules of the road and the safety checks.

A person named Noel  comes in and teaches my class mates and I the about safety when cycling a bike. In this cycling program there are 3 checks you need to do before getting on your bike.

Check No.1 The bike check the bike check means that you check if your chain is broken and that your brakes are working.
Check No.2 The clothes check means check if your laces are untied if are tie or stick in your shoe.
Check No.3 The helmet check. You need a helmet cycling because it protects your brain.


We pass obstacles and learned to use right and left hand signals. Noel also does cycling up and down the Plasóg and more fun games. We are very lucky to have Noel teaching  at our school.


The course is run by a man named Noel. On the first week we learned about braking and emergency stop .On the second week we learned about braking and the life saver look. So far I am really enjoying it. I would highly recommend it.


We go outside with our bikes and helmets. Before we start cycling we check our clothes our helmets our shoes and our bikes. Right now we are learning about right hand turns. Our cycle teacher is called Noel. He is very nice and very funny. We have a code that Noel says “Ready Steady when it’s safe Go.” Every Monday I look forward to the cycle safety. It is so much fun.


We do it on Mondays at 11:15.During lessons we do stuff like how to signal a car and how to do emergency braking. I enjoy it.


The people who don’t bring a bike in can borrow one from the instructor. At 11:15 we go to cycle training. We then line up to cycle across the yard. He tells some of us to go first and the others to go after. Then we line up again and we practice right or left hand turns. Soon after we put our bikes back and go back to school.


There are three checks that you have do before you get on a bike is the helmet  check , the clothes check and the bike check. Every Monday we do Cycle training. Our training coach is called Noel. Today we were learning how to put your hand out and turn at the same time .Noel is really funny.


The children started the course on the sixth of November. Our instructors name is Noel. The training happens during school hours. The course is made up of one theory session in the classroom, and five practical lessons out on the Plasòg. Each child should bring in their own bike and helmet but they can be provided if needed. Everybody in Mr. O’Leary’s class are participating which is very good for safety.

Each Monday the 4th class are doing a cycling safety course.

We have learned the three steps to being safe on the road, which are:

Step 1: make sure you have the appropriate clothing and make sure your laces aren’t touching the ground.

Step 2: make sure that your helmet is on properly and that your lights are working.

Step 3: The bike check. – make sure that your brakes are working and your bike is too.

Noel are cycling instructor is very nice. We have 4 more weeks and we can’t wait. If you have followed these steps then you are ready to hit the road.

On Monday my class went to cycling training at 11:15. The first time we did it we cycled up and down the Plasóg a few times, and then we did a drill where we had to cycle in between the cones and indicate to go left. The second time we did the same things but instead during the drill we indicated right. It was lots of fun.


Our cycling teacher’s name is NOEL. We do cycling training on a Monday. Today we did zig zag around the cones. If we can’t bring our bikes and helmets Noel will always have spares. We are always really really excited for cycling training, and we do really enjoy it.


We are doing cycling training. We have four weeks to go until we are finished. Our trainer is called Noel. So far we learned to do helmet check, clothes check and bike check. We learned to cycle with one hand when we are going to turn and we learned to stop immediately with the back brake and the front. We have to bring  in our bike every day. It is really fun.


On the first week we learned the three rules of cycle training before you get on your bike. The first rule is the clothes check. You must not have untied shoelaces, you must wear a high viz vest.  And you cannot wear something that might get caught in the bike. The second rule is that you must wear a helmet. The third rule is that you must check your bike from top to bottom, so that your wheels have the right amount of air in them.


We learned to do left and right hand turns and learned to turn sharp corners. Our instructor is called Noel he’s really funny. The three checks we do are helmet check, bike check and clothes check. We do cycle training every Wednesday. My favourite thing about cycle training is when we play lots of fun games.


A professional cyclist named Noel came to our school to teach us the basics of cycling on a main road. He taught us how to turn left and right safely. He also told us you should use your back brake to slow down and front brake to stop, if you don`t do this and only press your front brake hard you will flip over.


Cycle training has been great fun. We learned about how safe you have to be on your bike. It was fun while we learned from our great teacher Noel. My favourite thing about cycle training was the fact we got to cycle on the school grounds while the rest of the school was doing work.


We have learnt about lot of things like an emergency stop, left hand turns and right hand turns. It is good to learn about cycling safety because i like to cycle a lot of places and also because if you are not careful you could get hit by a car. The person who teaches us cycling safety is called Noel. Noel is a really nice man.


Some people bring in their bikes and helmets, but for people that can`t bring in, Noel has bikes to lend.  So far Noel has taught us loads of handy ways to not fall off our bikes and to cycle on a road.  As well as learning safety techniques we also get to have fun with our friends outside.  So far my favourite thing about cycling training is when we zig zagged in and out of the cones this week.