The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes Review

Yesterday afternoon I went to see an SST production of The Emperor’s New Clothes, starring the sixth class of Mr. Cadigan. When I walked into the school hall I was welcomed by a warm smile and a programme of the play. There was a walkway running down the middle of the hall in between the seats. The green velvet curtains on the stage were pulled shut and no unprofessional peeking out by the actors happened. I really wanted for the play to start at this point because everything seemed so well done and it hadn’t even started yet.

Before the narrators started telling their tale a tall boy came out and told the rest of the audience and I about the safety exits and things like that, making jokes along the way. It was a fabulous and amusing start to the play. I knew then that it was a good idea coming to the play.

It began with the narrators telling the story of young Peter (Lucy), a trickster, low on his luck and needing a bit of extra dosh in his pocket to fund for himself and his feisty Grandmother (Isabel). It was a fantastic first scene and it left me longing to know what Peter would do next.

From the Bustling Town of Kostroma where Peter meets the peddlers (Jack, Henry and Joe), to the grand and rather funny entrance of the Emperor (James) in his ‘jammies’ to when Peter (Mark) found his way home and explained his troubles to his Grandmother (Karen) to when the ‘Peters’ where chased down the walkway by the Emperors was absolutely amazing and made me laugh out loud more times than I’d care to admit and made me cherish my family values.

Each costume had its own little bit of umph, my favourite being the Horse (Finn). I could tell that all the actors cared not just about their costumes but also about how the background and props looked. There were hand painted pieces of cardboard that let us know where the actors were before they even opened their mouths.

Although not everyone had the biggest part or the most lines, absolutely everyone had their chance to shine and show what they are made of. I would give this performance 5 of 5 stars because I loved it. Admission is free and I definitely recommend it.