SSTLC - Scoil San Treasa Le Chéile

Here in Scoil San Treasa, we can achieve great things by working together.  SSTLC (short for Scoil San Treasa Le Chéile) is our Pupil Engagement Team.  This group is made up of a boy and a girl from each class from third class right through to sixth class. 

The SSTLC group meet with the school principal regularly in the course of the year.  We work together to make Scoil San Treasa be the best it can be.  We talk about how we can keep up the good work that is going on throughout the school and how we might make things even better.  We have had lots of interesting discussions and have had opportunities to share our ideas with our own classes and bring their ideas back to the group.

We plan what we are going to do and then we follow through on our plans.  For example, this year we introduced some simple yard games to the yards at lunch time.  This involved a lot of consultation and planning...we also tried things out for a while to see what worked well and what might work better! We took responsibility for looking after the hoops, balls, bean bags and skipping ropes. The yard games turned out to be very popular.

We also consulted with our classes on what library books they would like to have purchased for the library.  Our Code of Behaviour, our Healthy Eating Policy, Child Safety and other topics also came up for SSTLC discussion during the year. 

So that no-one would have too much work to do...and so that other children would get a chance to take part...we changed around the SSTLC group for the last term.

The pictures attached show the two main SSTLC groups from this year...unfortunately, some children were missing on the days that we took the not all of the children are in all of the photos.