Science Week in 3rd Class

Posted on Tuesday, 16 November 2021

We had a fun science week. We learned lots of new facts and practised our science skills. We investigated materials such as acids and bases. We used universal indicator and blue litmus paper to determine whether a substance was an acid or a base. We observed and recorded what happens when you mix an acid and a base. We were able to use the carbon dioxide produced to blow up a balloon.

We made thaumatropes in art to make it look like a bird was in a cage. This is a type of early animation. We also investigated the eye and how it perceives colour. We created cards with coloured shapes to investigate why the eye sees after images.

We split white light into the colour spectrum using prisms. We enjoyed seeing the rainbows appear around our classroom. We observed light refracting in water, when we put a pencil in water it looked bent.

We bent water using the static from a balloon. We even made a balloon rocket.

We assembled a solar powered fan and learned about cleaner energy to combat climate change.