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The following guides are available for parents to support them in learning how best to ensure their child/children's safety and wellbeing online.


My child’s data protection rights – the basics

  • The link above outlines some of the issues that can arise when a parent seeks to exercise data protection rights on behalf of their child.

Children’s data and parental consent

  • This looks at the meaning of the ‘age of digital consent’ and outlines when parents’ consent may be needed for processing their child’s personal data, and how parents can approach those cases.

Protecting my child’s data

  • This is intended to help parents understand the rights that they have in relation to their children’s data and gives some useful advice on how to protect their children’s rights.

Are there any limits on my child’s data protection rights?

  • This outlines some important limits to how and when children’s data protection rights may be exercised, whether by children themselves or by parents on their behalf. It outlines some common situations where these can arise and suggests ways in which parents can address them.

More information is available on the Data Protection Commission website at this link





Please see the document below for further information on Children’s Data and Parental Consent.