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Here in Scoil San Treasa, we have lots to be proud of. Our website provides opportunities to celebrate the learning and achievements of the school on an ongoing basis. It also helps us in sharing useful information about our school.

Over time, we add to the information and materials that are acccessible on our website. We hope that all those connected with the school, together with new visitors and old friends, will enjoy using our website and will find it helpful.

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Frances Mullin (Príomhoide)


“My way is all confidence and love” … St. Thérèse of Lisieux


Latest News

Hot Air Balloons
We learned about transport in Geography. We learned about hot air balloons as a mode of transport. The heat from the open flame in the burner system makes the balloon rise. Hot air rises because it...
Tithe Taibhsí
Last Friday, we made 3-D Haunted Houses. We used a mixture of maths, geography and imagination. Here is how to make it: Get a piece of card, choose your colour then fold it in half. Now, get a...
Second Class Maths Trail
For Maths Week last week, our class went on a maths trail all around the school grounds. We worked in pairs and had to answer lots of different questions. We found out that the school was founded in...
Spooky SST!
Here in SST, we've been very busy creating lots of Hallowe'en artwork. 
Drama in Fifth Class
The children in Ms. Payne’s 5th class performed a number of drama skits this week. Each group received a theme, and they got to dress up and improvise on stage.