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Scoil San Treasa Uniform Information


SCHOOL UNIFORM - June 2023 Update

Junior Infants - 1st class
School navy crested tracksuit (fleece or micro-fibre) and a blue Aertex polo shirt.
Navy shorts can be worn in warm weather. 
Junior Infants to 1st class pupils also have the option of wearing the more formal school uniform as below. 

2nd - 6th class
The school navy crested tracksuit (fleece or micro-fibre) can be worn every day.
However when pupils are attending school events / formal occasions, the formal uniform should be worn. 
2nd-6th class pupils also have the option of wearing the formal uniform on non PE days, should they wish.
6th class pupils have the option of wearing their 6th class Scoil San Treasa hoodie.

Formal Uniform
Boys: navy v-neck crested jumper, blue aertex polo shirt, with grey trousers.
Girls: navy v-neck crested jumper, blue aertex polo shirt, navy cardigan, with a navy skirt/pinafore/trousers.
Pupils from 2nd to 6th class should have a blue shirt for formal occasions. It is planned that some formal uniform items may be available on loan from the school - school ties and crested school jumper. 

All pupils are expected to wear their uniform every day. Parents are strongly advised to purchase sufficient items of uniform so that there will be no difficulties associated with the uniform being ‘in the wash’. It is very important that all items of uniform are labelled with the child’s name – this enhances the likelihood of missing items being reunited with their owner when found! The school does not accept responsibility for articles lost or mislaid.

All items of the school uniform can be purchased through Uniformity (the official supplier). Non-crested items of uniform such as aertex (polo shirt), trousers, skirt, pinafore, cardigan and shirt can be purchased in various outlets, once they match the school specifications. 

This school uniform format was agreed upon following much consultation between the Parents’ Association, parents, pupils, staff and the Board of Management during Term 3 of 2022/2023.