Cian O' Sullivan and Sam Maguire visit our school.

Cian and Sam visit Scoil San Treasa

There was a feeling of great excitement in our school on Friday 18th November, because we were waiting on two very important visitors- Cian O’Sullivan and Sam Maguire. When they walked through the doors of our hall there was an almighty roar of claps and cheers as Cian proudly held the Sam Maguire Cup high over his head parading up onto the stage. Mr Walsh spoke about Cian O’ Sullivan and Cian made a great speech as well. Cian gave us some great advice and tips. He told us ‘never to give up in a game – always play until the end’, he also told us about the importance of ‘our attitude in sport and that at times it can help you more than your skills’. Mark, Luke, Ebie and Isobel all made very good speeches also. Cian answered some questions from the younger children. Then Mr. Walsh and Mr. Cadigan introduced the Junior 4th class team and the Junior 5th class team and Cian O’ Sullivan presented them their medals because they both won their leagues. The senior team were next and all of the teams had their picture taken with the Sam Maguire and Cian O’ Sullivan. The senior team had their picture taken with the Sam Maguire, Cian and the cup they won in Croke Park also. It was a really great day and we had a little celebration afterwards.

By Cian and Mark.