Croke Park Thriller ends in a draw!


SST Senior footballers arranged to meet in the hall at 8:00am on Wednesday 9th of November. We were all thrilled to get the opportunity to play in Croke Park. As the team walked in the door each player got assigned a jersey and a position. Ms.Mullin took some team photos in the hall before we went down to the bus. When we were on the bus there was no time wasted and we were on the way to Croke Park.

We had arrived in one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, Croke Park! We walked in and then we saw the statue of Michael Cusack. After about 2 minutes we took a picture under the Croke park sign. We walked into the dressing rooms and we were lucky enough to get the warm-up room. This is where the Dublin team change and warm-up for matches. After a while we started warming up with a hand passing drill. After our team talk we lined up in number order and we walked out and heard the crowd cheer “SST!”

Before we knew it the match had started. St.Brigid’s kicked it off with a goal and a point.  When we thought all was lost until Tommy blocked down a defender in the square and he scored a goal. This got the crowd back on their feet. Then straight after that Ben struck a point over the bar and suddenly it was a draw match. St. Brigid’s scored 2 points not so long after that. Then Shane kicked a ball into the 14 yard line. Tommy punched the ball down to Joe and before you knew it the ball was in the back of the net. Shortly after this St. Brigid’s had scored two points. Tommy then put his first free of the day over the bar. Two minutes later Andrew struck a magnificent point over the bar. SST were leading by one point, the score line was 1-5 to 2-3.

We were straight into the 2nd half and SST had a slow start with St.Brigid’s starting well with a goal and a point. The score line then was 2-6 to 2-3. But not to worry with Mark scoring a rather lucky goal. That meant it was a draw. Then St.Brigid’s put a point over the bar. Tommy then decided enough was enough as he put three frees in a row over the bar. St.Brigid’s went on the attack and Ben made a great save in the last two minutes. In the 23rd minute of the 2nd half SST conceded a late goal. We were then trailing by a point. But not to worry when Ben went on the attack and got fouled. Tommy stepped up to take a free. He knew it was the last kick of the game. Tommy struck the free over the bar! The crowd started cheering so loud that your eardrums would have burst! Tommy was under immense pressure. The match ended in a magnificent draw 3-7 to 3-7!

Our joint captains Luke  and Mark proudly lifted the 'Sciath na nGearltach' with the St. Brigid’s captain. We didn’t win the match but we showed that this team is full of bravery and character. We showed also that you should never give up until the final whistle.

SST Abú!

Here is a poem in our matchday programme written by Elena and Kathleen 

Forget about n.a.s.a

Think Scoil san Treasa

We will bring the power

To honour the little flower


Dressed in blue

We will defeat you

Shield or cup

We’re going up


We will make our mark

When we win in Croke Park

We will get the shield

On the mighty field


We could put In ‘sin é’

But there’s still so much to say 


We always play fair

So much energy to spare

Better pull up your socks

Because SST totally rocks  


Things are about to get heated

Because we're undefeated!


Here is a link to some action photos of our players  in Croke Park!


Here is a link for our supporters to view themselves cheering on SST!