Posted on Friday, 14 May 2021

5th Class were invited to do a drumming workshop two weeks ago. Peter, the drummer from Sligo talked to us about drums and how the earliest type of beatbox is ‘Humpty Dumpty’, the nursery rhyme. He showed us a few different types of beats and tunes before showing us his collection of drums. Peter showed how musical instruments can be anything. He took out a box drum and performed a small feat of music. He explained how Brazilian slaves in the old days had their musical instruments taken off them to make sure they were not reminded of the old days when they were free. Peter also explained that in Old Ireland, the English banned music in Ireland. When they had parties, they would make the music out of anything - boxes, spoons and even bones.

Before we were given our drums, he told us about the Brazilian carnivals and that one thousand people participate - there are 500 drummers and 500 dancers and performers. Peter gave us each different types of drums and explained it’s history and how to play them. There were bongo drums, a small traditional drum kit, and many others. In the end my legs were still vibrating because of holding the bongo drum between my legs while playing it!

                                                                                                                           5th Class