Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

On Monday the 24th of October Garda John O’Shea came into fifth class to talk about Halloween safety. His talk mainly was about fireworks and bonfires. 

At Halloween there are a large number of dangerous items being used that often result in fatal injuries. Fireworks are the most dangerous. Some injuries include loss of fingers, burst eardrums, life changing burns and sometimes death. Few people have firework licences - approximately 99.9% of people don’t have them. Fireworks are illegal. If you are caught with fireworks you might be charged under the Explosives Act. Bonfires are also dangerous. Bonfires can result in fatal injuries to people. Bonfires (and fire) are very sensitive to clothes made of nylon, Halloween costumes and other such fabrics.

He told us to always remember that:


Here are some of his tips on how to stay safe at Halloween.

  • If you see someone with fireworks, do not approach them.
  • The following clothing around bonfires can be especially dangerous:  Halloween costumes because they catch fire easier than your everyday clothes (anything with Nylon - such as most tracksuits, tights as they can melt into your skin leaving you with severe burns).
  • Stay as far away from the bonfire as its height. For example: If a bonfire is six foot tall - stay at least six feet back from it. 

Remember - HAVE FUN & STAY SAFE this Halloween


By Billy, Fallon, Josh and Shane