On Thursday 26th October 5th class were visited by the Local Community Garda John O’Shea. Garda O’Shea informed us of all the dangers associated with Hallowe'en. Some of these dangers included fireworks and bonfires. We learnt that it takes approximately one second to create a firework, and that we don’t know what is inside them -  therefore they are highly dangerous. Fireworks are illegal and very few people have licences to use them. Anyone who uses them without a licence can be charged under the Explosives Act. We also discussed the importance of respecting people in the community when we are out trick ‘r treating. Garda O’Shea reminded us that ‘everything we do has a consequence’, and that we are responsible for the actions we take. It was a very informative visit, and we really enjoyed it.

Here are some of his tips on how to stay safe at Hallowe'en:

  1. If you see someone with fireworks, do not approach them.
  2. Halloween costumes around bonfires can be especially dangerous and can catch fire easily.
  3. Stay as far away from the bonfire as its height. For example: If a bonfire is six-foot-tall, stay at least six feet back from it.