Mini-Beast Hunt...and Biodiversity/Gardening

Mini-Beast Hunt with Patrick Hunt (Heritage in Schools Scheme) Wednesday, 10th April


Our pupils in fourth class conducted a “Mini-Beast Hunt” in the grounds of the school earlier in May. They first identified common garden insects and arachnids in the classroom and used their science skills to classify these into different groups. They considered each mini-beast’s role in the food chain and how worms are especially useful to gardeners and farmers. The children also closely observed a queen bee under a high-powered (lab quality) microscope.

In our school’s outdoor classroom they explored areas where they were likely to find various mini-beasts (the hedgerows, the bottom of trees, the compost, under stones and wood) and discovered (among others) roly poly woodlice, millipedes, centipedes, slugs, snails, beetles and helpful worms.

In addition to this, the children checked in on how the plants they planted earlier in the year are now doing in the garden.