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Write-A-Book Project 2019
We are very proud of all the girls and boys in third class and sixth class! Pupils wrote their very own books and submitted them to the Write A Book Project.  There were thousands of entries again...
Clay modelling
Clay modelling is a feature of our Visual Arts programme of work.    
First Class Science! How do plants absorb water?
Girls and boys in first class are learning about how plants absorb water.  They are using their scientific skills as they observe.   
Senior Infants working with Bee-Bots
We have recently purchased a set of Bee-Bots for our school.  Using these small programmable robots, the children are introduced to creating simple programs and they learn the importance of sequences...
Science, Birdwatching, Biodiversity
Pupils in fourth class enjoyed taking a closer look at birds and other creatures in the natural world during their recent Biodiversity workshop.  Take a look at these pictures. Their activities...