Travel Flag is awarded to Scoil San Treasa

Scoil San Treasa – Green Committee

On Thursday October 16th Bill O’Herlihy came to our school to raise the Green Flag for Travel. This is our 4th Green Flag – we already have flags for Litter and Waste, Energy and Water.  All of the school gathered in the school hall.  We were very excited and delighted to be awarded another Green Flag.  It was a very special day. Bill O’ Herlihy praised us for all our hard work and efforts.  Here is a list of some of the things that we did to prepare for our Travel Flag.

The Green Committee gave up their Friday lunch break to plan and organise green schools activities and to inspect the land fill and recycling bins in the classrooms. Because of their hard work we got the green school’s travel flag. The following projects were done by the classes.

Junior Infants coloured pairs of shoes remind us to find our feet and walk to school.

Senior infants drew themselves coming to school either by walking, on a scooter or bikes. And very importantly staying safe by obeying the lollipop lady when crossing the road.

First class did some weather forecasting and they forecast the great summer weather we had this year. They also did a project on using public transport.

Third class designed tickets for the Luas and Dart. They also wrote and talked about the advantages of walking to school.

Fourth class took part in a safe cycling workshop and did a project on the history of transport.

Fifth class kept records of our ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ and displayed the results on bar charts and pie charts linking up with maths. They also planned environmentally friendly towns for the future.

Sixth class entered the young scientist exhibition. Their project investigated if the speed at which we run, depends on our footwear.