Posted on Thursday, 16 January 2020

The BT Young Scientist Exhibition was a wonderful experience for both 6th classes. Not only did we get to present our projects in front of science professors, we also got to see all the different science exhibitions and projects at the exhibition.

We experienced all the different aspects of science in both secondary schools, and the business areas of the exhibition. It was very interesting to see the different ideas and topics created by many students just like us.

Mr Cadigan’s class focused on carbon footprint for their project, and how to improve it. Your carbon footprint measures how much greenhouse gasses you release on a daily basis. Our goal was to show people how they can improve their carbon footprint to preserve our environment for future generations. To prepare for the Young Scientist Exhibition, we surveyed the two fifth classes, measuring their carbon footprint. We also made graphs and diagrams from the survey results.

Mr Maguire’s class focused on waste reduction, and the circular & linear economies. The first part of our project was a survey which the parents of fifth and sixth class took part in. We asked questions like ‘How aware are you of water wastage in your home?’. The responses we received were very good. After that, we researched Ecobricks, KeepCups and FoodCloud. Then, we learnt about the circular economy. Nature is a fine example of the circular economy in action.

Many people were very interested in our two projects, we were also interviewed for a newspaper! In the end, we got a plaque with our school’s name on it. It was a very fun experience for us all, and we learnt a lot.


                       By Ellen, Kate, Aoife, Conor,

Adam, Cian & Constance