Biodiversity with Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt came in to visit us on Tuesday, October 8th.

We talked about some different families of plants we would be planting in the raised beds this year. He also explained to us about the importance of crop rotation - where specific groups of vegetables are grown in different parts of the garden each year.

We changed our clothes and then went out to the garden. First we harvested the potatoes, onions and garlic that were planted last year and we each got to bring some of those home for dinner! We identified different types of weeds and removed them properly. (Don’t just pull the tops off or they’ll grow back twice as fast!) We also added compost and then flattened the soil down to get ready for planting onions. We spaced them a hand-width apart from each other, halfway into the ground with the roots pointing downwards. We then de-weeded the other 2 raised beds and collected the broad beans from the pods to plant again.

After lunch, we did our Tree Tour for Patrick in the Plásóg. We told him about the different trees we had researched and he shared some more information with us too.  

We then went out to the outdoor classroom to collect some seeds so we could pot trees.  We collected Hazel and Rowan and planted them into a mixture of compost, grit and sand.

We learned a lot and enjoyed the day.

By Cillian, Aoife, Emily K and Rachel