Fourth Class visit UCD (Science Outreach Programme)


In U.C.D we made Bristle Bots.  First, we tested the power of the batteries using a multimeter. Then we got a bit a cardboard and stuck on two toothbrush heads.  Next, we got two pieces of blutack and stuck them on top of the piece of cardboard.  Then we got a battery and stuck it on top of the blutack. After that, we got a motor and stuck it beside the battery and on top of the other piece of blutack.  Then we got a red piece of wire and a black piece of wire.  The red wire was the positive wire and the black was the negative wire. We hooked one end of the red wire onto the negative side of the motor and the other end we attached onto the battery.  We attached one half of the black of wire onto the positive end of the motor and the other onto the battery.   We then adjusted the wires to make the bristle bot go faster and spin more.  The battery made it go really fast.  We called ours Baby H. We put them in an arena and they all had a battle. Ours survived both battles. We learned how to make an electrical circuit to power a robot.  We were so proud of that!

by Hannah and Holly (fourth class)

(The Bristle Bot project was one element of a most engaging programme. Many thanks to the Science Department in UCD for facilitating such an enriching day for our pupils in fourth class.)