National Tree Day


For National Tree Day on October 4th, our class (Ms Keogh’s 4th class) gave a Tree Tour of the Plásóg to the 3rd and 4th classes. 

We were each assigned a tree to research, like how to recognise each tree and some interesting facts about it.

Alex and Sarah met the classes at the gates, and explained to them about Native Irish trees and Evergreen versus Deciduous trees. There were 12 different stations on the tour with two or three of us at each tree. The 12 trees were; Cherry Blossom, Silver Birch, Holly, Yew, Weeping Ash, Redwood, Oak, Beech, Horse Chestnut, Bay, Sycamore and White Beam.

The classes liked learning about the trees and we had great fun doing it too. We also collected leaves and chestnuts to bring back to class for our Nature Table.

Next week, we are doing it again for Patrick Hunt when he visits our school.

By Aoife, Max and Kaiyi