Novelty Day 2016

Novelty Day 2016 


Once again, we had a very successful Novelty Day this year. Everything went smoothly and the atmosphere was really nice. I honestly did not know how much work actually goes into it. We, Mr.Cadigan’s and Mr. Maguire’s classes started to work in early November. Each class was split up into several groups. Each group was assigned to a certain area of shops/shopping centres. We were trying to get prizes from each shop. In the end we had a lot of prizes.

Before we knew it, it was November 30th and we had to prepare. We spent half of the day bringing tables and chairs down to the hall and setting up food stalls, toy stalls, book stalls and many, many more.

On the actual day it was very different than what we thought. Everything went so well and everyone bought so much and we had great fun. Almost everything was sold and most of our resources were used up when the day drew to a close. We then spent about half an hour cleaning up.

In total we raised 6,500 euro. It really is a phenomenal amount of money. I want to thank the school for supporting us so much. I am sorry that this is the last Novelty Day that I will experience. Sin é.

by Dan, sixth class.