Science Workshops

Last week second, third and fourth class participated in science workshops with facilitators from the Rediscovery Centre. Second class focused on the topic of biodiversity, third class did a workshop on energy while fourth class learnt all about engineering. Second class discussed biodiversity and how a food web consists of all the food chains in an ecosystem. Each child ‘became’ an animal or plant, which they learnt would be wiped out without the sun. They also painted their favourite animal using recycled cardboard. Third class were learning about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. They worked together to make solar ovens from recycled materials – milk cartons, tin foil and paper. Fourth class became engineers during their workshop. They worked in groups to design houses made from marshmallows and toothpicks. They also had to design a skyscraper that was above 50cm. It was a great learning experience for all.