SFI STEM Award - Presentation

Today was a very special day in Scoil San Treasa.

This year, the whole school worked together to create a buzz around science.  We engaged in a wide range of projects and you will find out lots and lots about our work if you click on the Science section in the Galleries tab on our website.  

Over the year, we maintained a particular focus on boosting our scientific skills.  Everyone got involved...all classes, all ages, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and the broad school community.  We enlisted the help of some outside agencies too and included science venues in our trips and tours. 

We were delighted when we heard that we attained the SFI Discover Science & Maths Award - in recognition of our work throughout the year.  We are very grateful to Professor Pat Guiry for taking time out from his busy schedule to present the award to our school today.  We really enjoyed hearing him talk about our science work.  He also encouraged us to keep thinking scientifically and to keep asking questions!  

To mark this wonderful achievement, we have a special SFI certificate for each pupil in our school.  Lots to be proud of!  Well done, everybody!