A Visit from Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt, an expert in nature and biodiversity, came to give us a workshop in our school garden. We had a look at some of the different tree species on our school grounds.

First we looked at the Hawthorn. It is also called a fairy tree. It has fairylike leaves. It had lots of ivy growing on it. Patrick says ivy causes no harm and is great for birds and wildlife because it gives berries and shelter.

Next we visited the Ash tree. He said all the Irish ash were experiencing “die back”. The wood of the ash is used to make hurls. After that we went to the Yew tree which has poisonous berries. All upright species of Yew in the world came from one tree in Co. Fermanagh.

We also visited the Hazel tree near the outdoor classroom. You can make Nutella from hazels.

Then we visited the Norway maple and the Cherry trees. You can make sweet syrup from these trees by drilling a hole in the bark and attaching a pot to collect the dripping sap.

We learned so much and had great fun.


By Ben

3rd Class