Posted on Friday, 24 March 2023
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We were delighted to hear that Patrick Hunt would be visiting our classrooms once more this March.

Patrick Hunt is an entomologist, this means he is an expert on all things bugs! Firstly, we listened carefully as Patrick showed us some of the bugs we might find around our school. Some of the pictures made us jump as Patrick explained how each bug looks, eats and moves. Then, we headed out to see for ourselves. Each class found so many insects and Patrick was there to tell us exactly what each one was and even what part of it's life-cycle it may be in. We found centipedes, field slugs, worms, and even the smallest snail species in Ireland, the Door Snail!

Some classes headed inside to look at a few bugs under the microscope. We could see worms in so much detail that we learnt of the tiny hairs they use to move from place to place. 

Check out some pictures of us bug hunting below.