Posted on Thursday, 22 February 2024
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On Sunday the 4th of February both of the fifth classes went to a large event named the Peace Proms. The show was in the concert hall in the RDS. We sang five different songs and three medleys (a combination of different songs).There were also several different songs played by the Orchestra, including theme songs from ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Mission Impossible’.

The highlight was when Alisha Weir ( The actress who played Matilda in Matilda the Musical) came on stage after we sang ‘Revolting Children’. She performed the popular song from ‘Matilda the Musical, Naughty’.Peace Proms is an event where more than 35,000 choir members perform in 7 different shows across Ireland. Overall, we all enjoyed performing in the Peace Proms and everyone had a great time!   


By Peggy and Freddie 


Peace Proms
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