4th Class - Science Excursion to UCD


Not so long ago we went to UCD Science Labs. We walked down to the UCD science building from our school. When we got there we put our bags in lockers like the cool kids. The scientists were waiting for us. We were split into groups of about 20 people.

What we did first

To start with we got a tour of the lab with two scientists called Orla and Sandra. We went up a huge spiral staircase that was based on DNA.  We got a tour of the science block and learned a lot of things like that plants used to grow in water. We went by a lot of labs,It was very cool. They showed a model of a satellite but the real one is in space.

The second thing we did was Chemistry with Pat and Sharon. We did a project about water and turned it into jelly using sodium polyacrylate, then we added in salt which made it turn into water. We used liquid nitrogen to do all sorts of science experiments.

We did physics with Aoibheann and Lorna and made motors with batteries and copper wire.We made robots with batteries and a motor and we had robot battles. We built them by getting toothbrush bristles with cardboard on it, then we put blue tack on the cardboard and stuck a battery and a motor on it. Then we messed around with magnets.

It was so much fun.                                                           

Then we walked back to the school!


We would like to say thank you so much to Prof. Pat Guiry and his team for the excellent experience.

Go Raibh Maith Agaibh Ó dhaltaí Rang a Ceathair.