First Class Science! How do plants absorb water?

Girls and boys in first class are learning about how plants absorb water.  They are using their scientific skills as they observe. 

You can read about what they did here:

1st Class: Plants absorbing water: Science Experiment.

Plants need water to grow.

How does water get to the top of plants and trees?

Celery shows us how plants move water inside them.

We took three pieces of celery with leafy parts on top.

We half-filled three empty jam jars with water.

We added blue food colouring to one, red to another and left the third jar with water only.

We cut off the bottom of the celery stalks.

We placed the stalks in the jars.

We waited and waited!

The following day we examined the leaves at the top closely and the bottom edges of the stalks.

To our amazement the coloured water had moved up the plant and changed the colour of the leaves.

The xylem, which was like a hollow tube, allowed the water to work its way up through the plant.

From there the water moved into the air.