Posted on Saturday, 17 April 2021

The children in Second Class have been growing their own fruit and vegetables over the past few weeks.  They really enjoyed planting their seeds (carrots, chives, strawberries, potatoes, turnip and lettuce) and have been watering them and ensuring that they get enough sunlight. They used compost, seeds and water to help the seeds grow. We have been very excited to see them grow. 

Over the Easter holidays, a few of the children took the pots home and took great care of them. You will see from the pictures below how well they are growing. Soon we will transfer them to our school garden. Read about how the boys and girls planted their seeds below.

First we filled our cups with compost, then we patted it down and we made a hole. We put the seeds in and then covered them with a little bit more compost. We watered them and put them on the windowsill, in the sun.

Lucy and Alice, 2nd Class