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Spooky SST!
Here in SST, we've been very busy creating lots of Hallowe'en artwork. 
Drama in Fifth Class
The children in Ms. Payne’s 5th class performed a number of drama skits this week. Each group received a theme, and they got to dress up and improvise on stage.
First Class Art
Ms Conroy's class have been very busy creating beautiful artwork this term. You can see their hedgehogs, owls and Hallowe'en masks on display outside their classroom. 
Biodiversity with Patrick Hunt
Patrick Hunt came in to visit us on Tuesday, October 8th. We talked about some different families of plants we would be planting in the raised beds this year. He also explained to us about the...
National Tree Day
  For National Tree Day on October 4th, our class (Ms Keogh’s 4th class) gave a Tree Tour of the Plásóg to the 3rd and 4th classes.  We were each assigned a tree to research, like how to recognise...