Curricular - Latest News

St. Brigid's Cloak
Junior Infants created beautiful artwork based on the legend of St. Brigid's cloak.  It is a delight to see the boys and girls using their many and varied talents.
Laudate Festival - an evening of music and reflection
Well done to our pupils from fourth class who participated in the Laudate Festival in the Church of St. Therese in Mount Merrion last night.  They did us proud!  They had put much work into learning...
Drumming Workshop - First Class - 29th January
Our pupils in first class thoroughly enjoyed the drumming workshop on Tuesday.  They treated parents to a wonderful performance at the end of the day.  
Primary Science Fair - RDS - January 2019
Our sixth class project was exhibited in the RDS during the Primary Science Fair.  The boys and girls did themselves proud - both in their preparation and in sharing their findings with those who...
National Concert Hall - third and fourth class
Again this year, our pupils in third and fourth class engaged with 'Music in the Classroom'.  We had a most enjoyable visit to the National Concert Hall on Monday 14th January.  The children had...