Curricular - Latest News

National Children's Choir
Together with hundreds of children from eight schools, our pupils in fifth class took part in a wonderful concert in the National Basketball Arena on Thursday 28th March.  The extensive repertoire (...
STEM - Designing and Building a Bridge
Pupils in fifth class have been putting their STEM skills to good use...and developing those skills further.  Their work on building model bridges reflects their careful planning and teamwork.  
Knitting in first class - Visual Arts - Fabric and Fibre
Our girls and boys in first class are working hard at their knitting, with the support of teachers, parents and other adults.  We are very impressed with their fine work.
Bee-Bots in action - Senior Infants
Girls and boys in Senior Infants are enjoying working with our new Bee-Bots. Using these easy-to-operate and friendly robots, they are learning more about directionality, sequencing, estimation and...
Write A Book Project 2019 - Merit Awards
We are pupils in third class and sixth class. Each pupil in third class and sixth class in Scoil San Treasa wrote a book this year. Four of us won merit awards in the annual Write a Book competition...