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Welcome back!
Welcome back, everyone!  It's a nice time to reflect on the memories that we created last year and look forward to lots of interesting and enjoyable times in the year ahead. We've added some photos...
Our Butterfly Project - butterflies spreading their wings today!
Pupils from junior infants, senior infants, first class and second class enjoyed releasing our butterflies into the great outdoors today. 
Our Butterfly Project - Celebrating the arrival of our first butterflies!
Our first butterflies arrived on Saturday, 9th June!  Féileacáin nua i Scoil San Treasa! They have access to pieces of fruits, some flowers and droplets of sugary water.   Many thanks to our parent...
Our Butterfly Project
We know from our butterfly project in the foyer that each butterfly starts its life as an egg.  Butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis in which they go through a number of different life stages...
Walk While You Can!
We are looking forward to engaging with the WWYC initiative on a class-by-class basis here in Scoil San Treasa.  Check out today's newsletter where you will find details of our plans.